Fixer in Germany

We had a request for a fixer/translator near Frankfurt to help a UK based crew to film some wacky Germans called “The Real Life Guys”.
They come up with unusual outrageous acts of science and this time they showed us their Fyling Bathtub Drone 🙂

Fujinon lenses in Munich

We just completed a corporate shoot in Munich with our local DOPs, FS7 kits, AC, Soundie, Teleprompter Operator, Make up artist and talent. We were pleased to be using the relatively new and affordable Fujinon Cine Zooms. Lenses which are not only optically top notch but are parfocal too. Hooray!

Camera crew near Nice for Clint Eastwood

We are approved suppliers for the BBC and they just approached us with a cool and unusual request for a camera crew in Southern France. Its filming Clint Eastwood’s Jazz musician son, Kyle Eastwood.
We have a couple of designated camera crews on the Cote d’Azur who regularly shoot showbiz and glamour stories for us. After the interview they’ll wetransfer the footage back to the BBC for a speedy turnaround.

Red Epic Dragon crew in Munich

We are in the midst of a corporate shoot in Munich at the moment shooting with two REDs with EyeDirects for one of our old clients in the USA.
We are providing cameras, lighting, grip and sound kit and local support crew (production coordinator, assistant cameraman, DIT, gaffer, grip, sound recordist and make up artist) for the core team from USA. Good luck guys and have a great shoot!

Webcast in Brno, Czech Republic

We enjoy an ongoing relationship producing webcasts for the American communications giant AT&T. This time we were in the picturesque and historical city of Brno in the Czech Republic.

Setting up webcasts abroad is always full of surprises and challenges, particularly when you are dealing with people from a different culture speaking an unknown language. Our core technical team, consisting of cameramen, vision mixer, sound recordist, technical assistants and all the necessary kit came from Berlin, the production crew from Texas. Communicating in English and German works very well but in the Czech Republic the major foreign language is Russian.

However, with a little practice, language barriers can be overcome using hand signals and body language. We even managed to hire some additional technical equipment from a Brno based AV specialist using hands and feet to explain our needs and hard cash to clinch the deal.

As in so many areas of professional film production it’s expected we command the highest levels of technical expertise, creativity, friendliness and reliability. In order to complete the picture though the ability to think on your feet, trouble shoot and improvise are paramount.

After weeks of planning and preparations we transformed the Brno AT&T facility into an attractive „Town Hall“ venue and the live stream reached a large international audience without a glitch. Key speakers reached out to the AT&T workforce with a variety of presentations and individual awards. To round it all off a traditional Czech folk music trio performed rousing and colorful dance acts.

Paris & Amsterdam shoot for PBS

A few weeks ago we were approached by PBS Chicago to provide a support crew for their upcoming shoot in Europe. They we planning to shoot a story about the renowned architects Nada and Marc Breitman – living and working in Paris and Amsterdam. We were more than happy to offer our production services. We supplied PBS with a sound recordist, fixer, driver and gaffer with a ton of lights 🙂 They were happy to have local support in both locations!

Watch the full show here.

Image: screenshot © PBS / Talk of the Town

Cameraman in Riga, Latvia

Last week, Bloomberg TV requested their favourite cameraman from Frankfurt to fly to Riga for an important financial conference. It was all done last minute – but our camera operator was available and up for it! He didn’t only do a great job filming conferences and interviews but also got a day’s worth of sightseeing out of it! 🙂