FS7 camera crew near Cologne

A US-based agency requested a DOP and soundman with Sony FS7 kit in Jülich, near Cologne, recently. They shot high end footage as well as interviews at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre including their server and research rooms.

Timelapse shoot in Frankfurt

Last week a client requested our services in Frankfurt to film timelapse footage of prominent buildings and sights around town. We shot some high-end 4K with our Sony FS7, Sony a7s various, strategically placed gopros 🙂

Camera crew in Berlin

Our last shoot took us to a mall in Berlin where inventor Walter Mason has built a huge marble run trying to supersize his previous 238m long machine with one that’s even even BIGGER. Once it was ready, he unveiled his masterpiece to the public, with hopes of winning the Kickstarter Gold competition. Our crew including the regular cameraman, sound man and kit were there to witness the spectacle!

image source: youtube/Frank Oxener

FS7 camera crew in Paris

When Discovery Channel Canada requests a crew from us we always know we’re in for an interesting shoot! This time they requested a 2 man Sony FS7 crew for Paris to film the launch of the Energy Observer on the river Seine. It is a hydrogen vessel serving as a model for sustainable energy and will be sailing around the world only powered by solar power, water and hydrogen.

image: Energy Observer by Mathilde Basse

Sony FS 7 camera crew in Bonn

Our friends from Toronto at the Discovery Channel show “The Daily Planet” requested we shoot another quirky story, The Angel Shark Project.
We sent our Frankfurt crew to Bonn to interview the founding member, Eva Meyers, on all things Shark Conservation.
image: Lemon Shark by Albert Kok (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Camera crew and director in London

Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt requested we shoot testimonials and b-roll at one of their facilities in London. Our local crew in London shot on two Sony F55s.

Camera crews in London and Southampton

The lovely Jill Woo from EyeMagic is keeping us on our toes again with two shoots for the US based medical educational giant WebMD. We supplied multi camera crews in both London and Southampton shooting at various clinics and patients homes all relating to the treatment of Leukaemia.

Cameraman in Amsterdam

We supply a variety of US based clients with legal videography services in Europe. This time we lucked out and spent several days shooting in party town, Amsterdam. As good as it gets!

Streaming webcasts in Munich

We recently provided multi camera, streaming and webcast facilities for a new California based client at an event in Munich. A totally different ball game from regular corporate and documentary shoots. Needless to say when you’re streaming all depends on a reliable and stable upload connection which can sometimes be tricky at remote locations. However, our end client was IBM and they made sure that the streaming connection was top notch.