Camera Crew Germany Blog

Cars, cars, cars!

We’ve just completed an exciting shoot at Germany’s famous Hockenheim race track near Frankfurt. Our UK clients came at short notice requesting crew and kit for this unusual car racing shoot.

Being as we only had a couple of days prep we were scrambling to get exactly the right crew members with the appropriate skills. We ended up providing a top crew all ex Frankfurt with the necessary experience and knowledge for specialised car shoots.

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Fixer in Bavaria

For several years now we have been providing fixers, translators and drivers for US based House Hunters International.
Our guy’s tasks are to clear shooting permits, translate from German into English and to ferry around the client’s crew. We have a wide network of fixers and their local knowledge is invaluable for overseas clients.
Our latest shoots took us to Munich and Eging am See in picturesque Bavaria.

Production crew for Google near Erfurt in Germany

We recently got a request to provide a support crew and kit for a UK company who are producing a clip for Google which explains how YouTube can be a valuable educational tool.

The German bobsleigh 2018 winter Olympic gold medallist Mariama Jamanka studied YouTube clips of the track at Pyeongchang in advance of the event, which she – as a rank outsider – then won to everyone’s surprise. The core crew of director, producer and DOP came from the UK and we provided a gaffer, grip, sound recordist, PA, driver, lighting and grip kit. We often get similar requests from production houses and broadcasters worldwide who are keen to save on travel and accommodation costs wherever they can. They often send their own creative crew like director and DOP and rely on local talent to supply the rest of the production crew, especially when you are thinking lights and grip which are too bulky to fly around the world. Furthermore our crews are bilingual so the clients get a free translation service.

Fixer in Germany

We had a request for a fixer/translator near Frankfurt to help a UK based crew to film some wacky Germans called “The Real Life Guys”.
They come up with unusual outrageous acts of science and this time they showed us their Fyling Bathtub Drone 🙂

Fujinon lenses in Munich

We just completed a corporate shoot in Munich with our local DOPs, FS7 kits, AC, Soundie, Teleprompter Operator, Make up artist and talent. We were pleased to be using the relatively new and affordable Fujinon Cine Zooms. Lenses which are not only optically top notch but are parfocal too. Hooray!

Camera crew near Nice for Clint Eastwood

We are approved suppliers for the BBC and they just approached us with a cool and unusual request for a camera crew in Southern France. Its filming Clint Eastwood’s Jazz musician son, Kyle Eastwood.
We have a couple of designated camera crews on the Cote d’Azur who regularly shoot showbiz and glamour stories for us. After the interview they’ll wetransfer the footage back to the BBC for a speedy turnaround.