Camera Crews for the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is a mega press event and we joined the media pack shooting for all and sundry car brands. Apart from regular camera crews we also provided a crane operator for Lamborghini.

Camera crews in Bonn

We regularly shoot corporate films for DHL in Bonn. Our trusted crews always come from nearby Cologne shooting on the ever so popular Sony FS7.

Camera crew in Linz, Austria

Discovery Channel Canada produces a daily show which focuses on all things unusual in the technical, scientific world. Last week they requested we send a camera crew from Vienna to Linz (Austria) to film the eccentric inventor of wild and useless machines, Joseph Herscher. All very tongue in cheek stuff and highly amusing.
Have a look at one of his youtube videos:

Camera crews galore

Since our mega shoots in Cologne at Gamescom we have been very busy crewing for all and sundry in Berlin, Bonn, Weinheim, Düsseldorf and Switzerland.
Happy summer days as you can see from our Morris Dancers image!

Camera crews galore at Gamescom

Cologne is the flavour of the month due to the mega gamers convention “Gamescom”. With a few days left we’re still there shooting with multiple camera crews and webcasting services…big time!

Berlin time lapse shoot

We often get requests to shoot b-roll in all major cities of Germany, such as Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt or Hamburg. This time a US based client requested we shoot b-roll and time lapse videos of various sights in Berlin. Our crew shot on the Sony FS7, the Sony a7s and the Panasonic GH5.

Camera crews and webcast crew in Cologne for Gamescom

We’re back again at Gamescom in Cologne, mecca for gamers world wide. This time we’re out in force for clients both from the USA and the UK with 5 Sony FS7 camera crews and a large webcast unit. As good as it gets!

Production services for Copenhagen based drama specialists

After weeks of preparation, finding locations, organising shoot permits, blocking off roads, gathering a small army of extras and providing support equipment and manpower, we finally got round to shooting part of an international thriller at some exciting locations downtown Frankfurt. We were proud to play host to our guests from Copenhagen and wish them every success with the rest of the shoot!

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FS7 camera crew near Cologne

A US-based agency requested a DOP and soundman with Sony FS7 kit in Jülich, near Cologne, recently. They shot high end footage as well as interviews at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre including their server and research rooms.

Timelapse shoot in Frankfurt

Last week a client requested our services in Frankfurt to film timelapse footage of prominent buildings and sights around town. We shot some high-end 4K with our Sony FS7, Sony a7s various, strategically placed gopros 🙂