PA for Audi shoot in Ingolstadt

No job is too big or small for us and occasionally we have requests just for a driver or runner.
Last week we had such a request and we supplied a driver/production assistant for a shoot at Audi in Ingolstadt, Southern Germany. Our UK based clients also requested the wonderful PanAura Octodome and various other lights and grip.
We crewed this from Munich where we have a wealth of talented crew and a comprehensive list of state of the art equipment!
photo: Audi A6 C5 in einer Aeroakustik-Windkanal-Messhalle by Martinhelfer on Wikipedia

Crewing in Augsburg for IMG

The media giant IMG requested support crew for a week long international Ice Hockey spectacular in Augsburg, Southern Germany. Getting PAs and runners  for them was no problem but the much sought after DITs wasn’t that easy… Most productions now require a dedicated person to manage the media, its often neglected but highly recommended.
Its a relatively new job title on the film set, where film meets IT, requiring more technically savvy people to whom you can entrust all your footage. DITs are few and far between and command pretty high day rates.

Shooting for Adidas Tango Squad

At first it sounded like a great job from one of our regular London based clients that specialises in online branding shoots. An Alexa Amira, three Sony FS7 camera kits, Leica prime lenses, Zeiss master primes, and a lot of crew to go with it: Two sound recordists, two camera assistants, camera operators, runners, grips, security guards, medics, catering, etc., etc.
All very short notice – but so many jobs are – and we were left scrambling calling God and his aunt to get the shoot fixed on time… And it worked – it always does 🙂
Then the first bad news: One day before the shoot we had to cover offending advertisements around the Bayern Munich football pitch with 100 metres of black drape! Then the mad rush: who’s got 100 meters of black drape on Friday evening at 5pm… Help! But it worked.
Next came more bad news: the weather forecast is rain, rain, rain… And rain it did – non stop! One of the camera operators was filming from the top of a ladder mid field holding an umbrella in one hand and operating the camera with the other hand. Incredible! Four hours of that and he was as wet as a whistle – thanks so much for your dedication Max and hope you get well soon 🙂
At the end of the day the director was pleased with the coverage and the crew had a ton of gear, kit, tents and drape that was absolutely waterlogged.
Oh well… A day in the life of… 🙂
Photo: Fuji X70 – Waiting in the rain by Konstantin Tilberg on Flickr

Filming with the Lensbaby for ESA in the Netherlands

The History Channel requested we use the amazing Lensbaby and Dji Osmo to enhance imagery on our recent shoot in the Netherlands entitled “Return to the Moon”. The programme is exploring the very real prospects of colonising the Moon. We interviewed various experts from the ESA (European Space Agency).

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Amsterdam video crew filming ‘Jet Suit’ man

We sent one of our Amsterdam based crews to The Hague recently to film the amazing Jarno Cordia, famous for his daredevil Jet Suit flying adventures, jumping from a hot air balloon and flying with his self styled mini rockets attached. Another weird and wonderful story for Daily Planet out of Montreal, Canada.

image source: “Wingsuit flyer at Holland wingsuit boogies” by Acodered / Vladimir Lysyuk / Jarno (Mc) Cordia on wikipedia

Words of Praise for our Amsterdam Camera Crew

We’re always pleased when we receive client feedback, particularly when its good:)) Our Amsterdam Camera Crew received the following from one our USA clients:
“We have received such positive feedback and I just want to extend a special thanks to you and your crews. Four two-camera shoots in three countries, interviews ranging from 20-70 minutes individually, text graphics created, edited to under 5 min and launched today. It was a great team effort and I just wanted to recognize your energy and talents. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you.”

Camera crews in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland

After all the car madness at the Frankfurt Motor Show we have been busy shooting for a wide variety of clients.
For Discovery Canada we crewed in Nuremberg, Austria and Bavaria shooting crazy inventions and field tests for their technology show “The Daily Planet”.
Our corporate clients kept us busy too shooting in Berlin, Brussels, Luxemburg, Cologne and Zurich.
A great mix of camera systems ranging from the Sony FS7, Sony PDW 700, DSLRs, Canon C300 and GoPros.

Camera Crews for the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is a mega press event and we joined the media pack shooting for all and sundry car brands. Apart from regular camera crews we also provided a crane operator for Lamborghini.