What can I do with my footage after the shoot?

Whether you are contacting us for production support for your documentary, need us to shoot interviews and b-roll for a corporate film or require creative footage to enhance your social media presence or other marketing purposes – the possibilities are manifold and therefore it’s crucial to decide what the footage will be used for and how you want to receive it after the shoot.

Interview proxies, b-roll, room tone, etc.

live stream eventIt’s important to determine prior to the shoot what should happen with your footage once the shoot is completed. Clients often provide us with detailed briefs for our DOPs, producers and directors so they are able to provide everything that’s requested. This can include multiple versions of an answer during an interview or b-roll of the interviewee.

Uploading or sending the files via courier can take some time but what can you do if you need part of your footage immediately in order to begin your edit? For example the audio files to transcribe the interview for a faster turnaround? Our crews can record audio separately or generate proxy files for you to receive immediately after the shoot. This lets you work on your film immediately while the rest of the footage is being delivered.

It is quite vital to visualize the final product from an editor’s perspective to make their life as easy as possible. Therefore filming an interview with two cameras and providing a wide selection of b-roll for is extremely helpful when editing the film.

Beside the regular interview and b-roll footage there are a lot of things we can provide additionally – for example drone footage or stills photography (e.g. product photos or behind the scenes images) to complement your project.

Upload or hard drive?

editorThere are various ways you can receive the footage we shot for you.

If you are onsite – as a client, producer or director – we can offload everything onto your own hard drive (or provide one ourselves) for you to take back with you.

Depending on the scope of the project, there may be a DIT / media manager accompanying the shoot who will back up and secure the footage. If the shoot is happening on a smaller scale, our DOP or their assistant will be able to transfer the footage.

If this is a remote shoot we can either send the footage on a hard drive via your preferred courier service or upload everything onto your server or our own upload platform. We are also able to provide access to our own server.

Factoring in the size of the footage (depending on the number of cameras, HD or 4K footage) helps determine how you receive the footage. While our crews and offices usually have a fast upload speed, most clients don’t factor in their own download speed and may sometimes not be able to download larger files. This should be determined prior to choosing the mode of footage receipt. We are happy to advise you in order to choose the best option for you.

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