Our photographer on location
Our photographer on location

Corporate Photography

If you are looking for a stills photographer instead of a film crew and we can provide this service too. We have a wide network of highly skilled and creative photographers both in Germany and Europe who can cover corporate events or shoot corporate portraits.

How does it work?

They come fully equipped with various cameras, lighting and backdrops and can install portable studios in any location of your choice.

Editing the images

After the shoot the photographers will edit and grade the images and either hand you over a hard drive or upload to your server.

Press Photography

A press photographer covers many different events such as news, current events and lifestyle stories aiming to capture images from the happening to document it the best way possible as well as to convey a story – the photographer’s role then becomes that of a photojournalist. Depending on the story or event that needs to be covered we will choose the most suitable photographer.

Press photography or behind the scenes coverage – whatever your need may be, we’ve got the right photographer for you!

Our photographers are highly skilled, creative and always prepared to go the extra mile!

Our photographer going the extra mile!
Our photographer going the extra mile!

They come with their own cameras and lighting kit and if needed they can edit the pictures on-site for immediate use.

We are often asked to shoot video at corporate events and occasionally we have parallel requests for stills photographers to cover the same event as well.

We also offer portrait photography and photography of any other subject you need photographing – you name it and we’ll find you the right photographer!


Most clients not only request us to cover stills photography but a film crew as well. We offer all aspects of film making: whether you need a fixer, a sound recordists, gaffer or editor. In addition to that we offer green screen solutions, webcasts, and many more.


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