Whether the people being filmed are seasoned broadcasters or nervous camera-phobics, using a teleprompter is a simple way to get the best out of your talent.

Our state of the art ProLine Series Teleprompter supports any camera type and is readable to about 27 feet. It connects to either a Mac or PC and is operated by one of our experienced technicians.


A recent addition to the teleprompter community is the iPad Prompter. Not only is it smaller and more flexible, its very intuitive and can be operated by anyone. Furthermore its a great cost saving alternative to the traditional studio Proline prompters.

Why use a teleprompter?

Corporate Films: Busy executives don’t usually have time to learn lines or speeches off by heart. Using a teleprompter allows them to look directly into the camera and smoothly deliver their key points, without it being obvious that they’re reading.

Live Entertainment: Even professional entertainers sometimes have the dreaded experience of stage-fright – a teleprompter is the perfect security blanket to put everyone at ease, should a mind-blank occur.

Live Broadcasts: Broadcasting from the field doesn’t have to be without the comforts of the studio. Renting a teleprompter for live ‘on location’ news reports can save hours of memorizing and rehearsing and eliminate awkward glances at scripts.

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