What is a call sheet and what information should be included in one?

We have been producing and coordinating shoots for many years now for corporate clients world wide and have a wealth of experience in all things call sheets. We have seen them all: call sheets ranging from a few lines with very little information to elaborate and comprehensive call sheets which provide all the necessary information and cover days or weeks of a production.camera crew

The information needed has invariably been gathered in advance through multiple emails and phone calls with the clients. This process can take weeks sometimes so it’s vital that all details are recorded before they’re forgotten.

Equipment and crew requirements are agreed upon in advance, however, these requirements can also change at the drop of a hat and it can be hard to keep track of what was said and when. Emails and phone calls going backwards and forwards can be hard to collate and recall.

This is where the call sheet becomes a vital instrument to collect all requirements and data in one document which is then shared with all crew members and production staff. It is crucial to have all details at hand and accessible to all involved in the shoot. It avoids misunderstanding and confusion because it is all stated in black and white.

But what details should be included in a call sheet?

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The most important things to consider are:

  • Name of project and client
  • Client’s name, email address and telephone number
  • Onsite contact persons email address and telephone number
  • Talent contact details
  • Contact details and mobile numbers of all crew members
  • Location address, access to room / shoot location
  • Travel itinerary for crew, clients and talent – flights, trains, taxis, etc
  • Parking and loading access for crew van
  • Call time onsite
  • Shoot description and schedule – including lunch/meal breaks
  • Camera, sound and lighting kit – a detailed list of production equipment
  • Camera settings: frame rate, codec, gamma etc.
  • If the shoot involves remote interaction via Zoom, Webex or Teams then a meeting  invitation should be sent so the crew can log in prior to the shoot
  • Dress code (casual, smart casual, business casual)
  • The local hospital address and prevailing weather conditions
  • If applicable: health and safety requirements as well as risk assessment
  • How will the final footage be delivered? An upload link is very useful or an address to where a hard drive can be sent with the footage. Alternatively if a DIT is part of the crew there should be instructions on labelling the footage and who will receive a copy.
  • Estimated wrap time

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Unfortunately many call sheets are sent out the night prior to the shoot when it is often too late to make any changes. Ideally the call sheet should be issued a few days prior to the shoot so that missing details can be gathered and potential changes can be addressed and resolved.

As you can see call sheets require a lot of work but in the end it saves time and assures a smooth and efficient shoot!

Our producers and production coordinators have a wealth of experience with creating detailed and professional call sheets and are happy to assist you for your next shoot in Germany!

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