Camera crew for hire

Lee Woulfe, Merck USA

“I wanted thank you both for the great crew in Germany! They were all an absolute pleasure to work with, and true professionals who delivered a great product. We had a fair amount of down time during the day, and not only were they patient and understanding when we had to “hurry up and wait” but they all had great personalities and were a blast to talk with. We all kept each other laughing.”


Elizabeth Reeves, PBS Chicago

“We just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the crew you provided for us. Marcus and Roland were great to work with. Really great guys, and they knew their stuff. Victor, the fixer/driver for Paris, by the way, was fantastic and beloved by all. He actually took care of everything from driving to carry the tripod for our DP and washing espresso cups at our subjects’ offices. […] The crew in Amsterdam were also good, though we were with them for only a day. In particular, Peter was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. A true professional who was not hesitant to share his insights. We really appreciated all of his help.”

Ben Schaub, Daily Planet Canada

“Thank you for the good work on our recent, very busy, time-constrained shoot at thyssenkrupp in Rottweil. Nice work guys!”

Teresa Belling, IMG, New York

“I just wanted to send a quick note that our crews thought the local guys were TREMENDOUS and were very pleased with everyone’s knowledge and work ethic.  So, thank you again for throwing this together for us so quickly!! Couldn’t have worked out better!”

Andrea Mauro, Prologis Denver

“We have received such positive feedback and I just want to extend a special thanks to you and your crews. Four two-camera shoots in three countries, interviews ranging from 20-70 minutes individually, text graphics created, edited to under 5 min and launched today. It was a great team effort and I just wanted to recognize your energy and talents. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you.”

Ben Schaub from Bell Media, Canada

“Please pass on my compliments to the cameraman Sebastian. You commissioned him on our behalf to shoot a story at ADAC in Landsberg am Lech in September. He did an exceptionally good job. He was asked to follow preparations and execution of a car crash test and he covered it beautifully, sequencing everything. Not only did he follow the story with his camera, every shot was well composed and thought out. He gave me excellent coverage and I was never lacking for a shot in the edit suite. The interview shots were great, he got sound ups from the main character. It was a textbook example of a good shoot. Thank you Camera Crew Germany, and thank you Sebastian!”

Sophie Kelly, Seven, London

“I hear both shoot days went very well, thank you. John tells me that all of your crew were amazing, very skilled, very professional and very fast workers. We shoot these videos all around the world and the German crew that you provided are without a doubt the best!”

Louisa Gomez, Al Jazeera

“I had a few very urgent requests this week for camera crew in a few different locations. Keith and Alex were very friendly and efficient at contacting camera operators for me for each request. It is very useful service and we will be using them again.”