Check out our Location Guide profiles on some of the European cities we’ve filmed in…

With such diverse culture, architecture and landscape in Europe, you’re spoilt for choice!

These city profiles will give you a taste for what to expect food, event and weather wise, as well a few handy phrases and tips on who to call in case of emergency.

However, when you’re organising a shoot from abroad, the last thing you want to deal with are language barriers! That’s why we have a network of English-speaking fixers spread throughout Europe. With their local lingo and connections, they’ll seek out the best deals, navigate any annoying bureaucracy, fill out the appropriate filming permits, and find the right talent to make your shoot smooth-sailing!


The capital and largest city of the Netherlands is both trendy and charming – a great place for shooting corporate films, documentaries and everything in between. Amsterdam is known for canals, coffee shops, possibly the world’s most famous red-light district and being home to more bicycles than people.


The German capital is now a melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity peppered with creativity and freedom. Daily life bustles around landmarks weighted with political and historical significance (the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie etc). There’s a myriad of reasons you could be filming in Berlin, and every one carries the potential of beautiful footage!


Home to carnival craziness, Kölsch beer and the magnificent Cologne cathedral – this city makes for a fun and aesthetically pleasing place to shoot! With its towering gothic church spires dominating the skyline, and the Rhine River snaking through the city, there is no shortage of a good backdrop in Cologne.


Towering skyscrapers distinguish this German city from the rest. Frankfurt-am-Main is home to one of Europe’s largest stock exchanges. Trade shows are another leading reason for filming in Frankfurt, with the Messe (exhibition center) hosting some of the most newsworthy expos in the world!


Helsinki is a stylish, funky city and so are the Fins who inhabit it! An interesting architectural mix of gothic, art deco and cutting-edge contemporary buildings provide a wide variety of backdrops for your production.


London has been called “a world in one city”, a melting pot, a multicultural metropolis, and yet the stage on which the hustle and bustle is set screams of quintessential Brit-ness. With a population of 7,556,900 (2007 statistics) there are literally millions of reasons for you to be filming in London!


The city of romance…the city of light…the city of love…need we introduce her? Of course if you’re after an obvious Parisian backdrop, there’s no shortage of grand and beautiful landmarks, but away from the tourist attractions are magical alleyways, shabby cafes and locals who are the life of the city.


Along with the familiar Colosseum, Vatican, Pantheon (the list goes on) there are thousands of less obvious backdrops to be found. Some of the best are nestled in the maze of apartments, cafes and squares where locals stroll, argue, sell and whizz past on scooters.


This picturesque city is a beautiful and diverse location for filming. The charming Old Town spans the River Limmat. and Lake Zurich reflects the majestic Swiss Alps towering in the background. Not only is Zurich pretty, but serious business goes on here with billions of Euros being shuffled between secret bank accounts underground.