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Camera crews and webcast crew in Cologne for Gamescom

We’re back again at Gamescom in Cologne, mecca for gamers world wide. This time we’re out in force for clients both from the USA and the UK with 5 Sony FS7 camera crews and a large webcast unit. As good as it gets!

Production services for Copenhagen based drama specialists

After weeks of preparation, finding locations, organising shoot permits, blocking off roads, gathering a small army of extras and providing support equipment and manpower, we finally got round to shooting part of an international thriller at some exciting locations downtown Frankfurt. We were proud to play host to our guests from Copenhagen and wish them every success with the rest of the shoot!

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FS7 camera crew near Cologne

A US-based agency requested a DOP and soundman with Sony FS7 kit in Jülich, near Cologne, recently. They shot high end footage as well as interviews at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre including their server and research rooms.

Timelapse shoot in Frankfurt


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Last week a client requested our services in Frankfurt to film timelapse footage of prominent buildings and sights around town. We shot some high-end 4K with our Sony FS7, Sony a7s various, strategically placed gopros 🙂

Camera crew and director in London

Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt requested we shoot testimonials and b-roll at one of their facilities in London. Our local crew in London shot on two Sony F55s.

Camera crews in London and Southampton

The lovely Jill Woo from EyeMagic is keeping us on our toes again with two shoots for the US based medical educational giant WebMD. We supplied multi camera crews in both London and Southampton shooting at various clinics and patients homes all relating to the treatment of Leukaemia.

Cameraman in Amsterdam

We supply a variety of US based clients with legal videography services in Europe. This time we lucked out and spent several days shooting in party town, Amsterdam. As good as it gets!

Streaming webcasts in Munich

We recently provided multi camera, streaming and webcast facilities for a new California based client at an event in Munich. A totally different ball game from regular corporate and documentary shoots. Needless to say when you’re streaming all depends on a reliable and stable upload connection which can sometimes be tricky at remote locations. However, our end client was IBM and they made sure that the streaming connection was top notch.

Camera crews everywhere!

We’ve been going flat out the last few weeks crewing shoots in London, Yorkshire, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Kassel and Amsterdam.

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Sound recordists all over Germany

We spent a busy week crewing for Discovery Channel Canada throughout the whole of Germany. We travelled North to South and Eat to West shooting a variety of topics ranging from solar energy which powers lights 10.000 times stronger than the sun, solar energy powered aeroplanes, a supersonic aeroplane and a good old gigantic trebuchet.

Red Bull for Camera Crew Germany

Red Bull have targeted media companies like ours and turned up the other day with a copious supply of mind boggling flavours. Our fridge is no longer politically correct but some of our guys really want to go for it :))

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Fixer in Heidelberg and Nuremberg

We regularly provide English speaking fixers/translators for the US based TV show “House Hunters International” , which airs on HGTV. This time we “fixed” for a couple of weeks for an equally international crew from the USA, England and Germany, following couples in both Heidelberg and Nuremberg searching for new homes.

Camera crews at IMEX Frankfurt

Every year Frankfurt hosts IMEX, a somewhat exotic business trade fair and we’re shooting regular XDCam there for The Fred Production Company from the UK. A colourful and lively show!
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Fishy Hamburg camera crews

We had a couple of requests for crewing in Hamburg earlier this week. As so often, testimonials, interviews and b roll for corporate CEO awards. 2 crews shooting with Sony FS7 kits along with fixers and translators.

Underwater cameraman for Discovery Channel in Germany

We have an ongoing relationship with Discovery Channel Canada supplying crews for their daily technology show The Daily Planet. We’re always covering whacky, unusual topics and inventions and this time we shot Mr. Un Yong Park with his underwater jet device Scubadec in Denzingen, Southern Germany.

FS7 camera crews in London

The wonderful Jill Woo from EyeMagic recently requested we crew a shoot for her in London. We supplied two FS7 crews travelling around London for 5 days filming patient testimonials and b roll for the US based mega online publisher for healthcare, WebMD.

Canon C300 and Sony Alpha 7s shoot in Frankfurt

Its frightening how good the quality is on the Sony Alpha 7s, making run and gun stuff much easier. This time our DOP preferred the handling and imagery of the C300 mkII for the main camera and matching the Sony footage is no big deal.

Camera crews galore!

This isn’t bionic man but our Steadicam Ace just warming up 🙂 Just one of the many highlights of our recent Arri mega shoot with all the bells and whistles in Southern Germany!

Sound studio in Vienna

One of our UK clients needed to record just audio with a participant from the Vienna Philharmonic and we set up the recording with one of our preferred sound studios there!

Dji Osmo and the amazing “Üo Scooter”


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Once again Daily Planet Canada asked us to shoot a weird and wonderful invention for their daily science programme. We sent one of our Cologne based crews to shoot the inventor and scientist Olaf Winkler with an FS7, a GoPro and the good old Dji Osmo while he was whizzing around on his “Üo Scooter” – motorised ball. Strange but true…

Brexit Camera Crew in London

One of our regular clients, Deutsche Bank, requested a camera crew in London shooting testimonials and b-roll. As you can see, the good old British stiff upper lip can still handle anything!

Yet another green screen shoot in Munich

Green screen interviews are part of our corporate daily bread. We often get requests for them and this time we sent our local crew in Munich to shoot it on the Canon C300 Mk II.

Camera Crews all over Germany and the UK

We’ve been shooting almost non stop recently for all manner of corporate clients from mainly the USA and the UK.
Adidas in Munich and Dortmund, WebMD in Hannover, Jack Morton and World Media Rights in Berlin, Renegade in Hamburg, Discovery Canada in Stuttgart, TVC in Frankfurt, North One TV in Cologne etc etc
Not to forget of course our TV clients Bloomberg who have been shooting in Frankfurt, Berlin, Wolfsburg, Baden Baden, Munich and Düsseldorf.
Keep ’em coming :)))


A C-47 is the film industry term for a wooden clothes pin which is used to attach a sheet of gel to the barn doors of a light. The term came about when a cameraman billed a major network in the 70’s for clothes pins. That network said “you can’t bill us for clothes pins” to which the cameraman replied “…but I used them on your shoot.” So he changed the name to C-47 and the expense item was approved.
A C-47 is always wooden, never plastic.

With 85mph through Paris!


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“C’était un rendez-vous” is a 1976 French short film directed by Claude Lelouch, showing a high-speed drive through Paris. It was shot in a single take as an example of cinéma-vérité. The film runs for eight minutes which is nearly the maximum running time of a 1000 foot 35mm film magazine. The camera was mounted on the bumper of a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9.

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Camera Crew in Frankfurt


Another day shooting stand ups for Bloomberg at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Berlin Camera Crew

We’ve just completed a C300 testimonials shoot in Berlin for a show called “Hitler’s Inner Circle”. It’s amazing how many Second World War docs are still being produced. The challenging part was to film GVs of Berlin without anything new in frame… Like it was during the Third Reich.

Carnival camera crews in Cologne


At this time of year in Germany’s Rhineland it’s round the clock party time. It’s Carnival season and the streets are full of people in fancy dress and most of them are mega loaded. It’s three days of madness and everything stops. However, we managed to get one of our Cologne crews out of the pubs and they’re shooting corporate interviews and b-roll over the next few days at DHL in Bonn.


images by 쾰른 카니발 공식 홈페이지 and RitaE


Frankfurt Camera Crew shooting at Porsche


“Porsche: Decades of Disruption” is a cinematic, documentary-style television special that takes us through the company’s legendary history of its iconic cars from the 356 and 550 Spyder to the 911 and the 959 to the Carrera GT and 918 and leading up to the Panamera Turbos S hybrid plug-in that features the many technologies transferred from the 918.

We sent a largish support camera crew from Frankfurt to Stuttgart shooting this feature for one of our California based clients that specialises in filmmaking for the automative industry. It was all highly secret and we supplied a gaffer, grip, sound recordist, AC and a ton of lights and grip.

“Porsche: Decades of Disruption” will air this Saturday, February 25th and Sunday, February 26th on CNBC 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST. Have a look at the 30 sec promo:


photos by 8mobili (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE) and  © CNBC

Watch out boys!


We regularly crew for EyeMagic USA filming round table discussions with doctors. In order to streamline their set up and reduce costs their client has started using robot cameras. Scary stuff!!

Big action down Bavaria way

We had some manic action in Munich this week on a couple of corporate shoots. Of course the ever so popular drone shots, multi camera FS7 interviews, and a stills photographer prancing all over the place… Cheers to you Bavarian dudes!

Camera crews everywhere!


We just assembled this collage of recent instagram images and want to give our sincere thanks to all our great crews out there!
You guys are simply the best, you’re doing a great job and we love you all!!

Follow us on IG: @cameracrewgermany

Camera crews in Munich and Cologne shooting for Discovery

Architecture Bmw World Munich Bmw Welt

Canada’s Discovery Channel runs a daily show which looks at off beat scientific innovations all over the world. We regularly shoot these stories for them all over Europe. This time we sent our Munich crew to report on BMW’s involvement in all things automation and robots. Our Cologne crew had a stranger mission shooting a report about paper planes.
These are all fast turnaround stories that have to be uploaded immediately…but that’s happening everywhere these days. Dropbox is heavy competition now for Fedex 🙂

paper planes

Legal videographer in Stockholm

For some years now we have been providing legal videographers for American law firms holding depositions here in Europe. This time our Frankfurt based legal videographer recorded various depositions over 2 weeks in beautiful Stockholm.

FS7 camera crews in Frankfurt for Dell

Yet another classic corporate shoot in Frankfurt. We had two Sony FS7 camera crews out again in Schwalbach near Frankfurt shooting testimonials for one of our US based clients.
It was a fairly regular scenario whereby the clients sent questions and our bilingual producer interviewed the talent. Due to a fast turnaround we downsized the footage, uploaded to our dropbox and the next day the client in sunny California could do a rough cut. Mission successful and another satisfied client :))

Fixers, camera crew and gear in Berlin


We worked for a US based client recently on a biggish shoot for Cisco in Berlin. We provided fixers, a sound recordist, an assistant cameraman, a grip and a couple of trucks of gear.

Support crew in Frankfurt

One of our regular UK clients requested a support crew and equipment for a shoot currently ongoing in Frankfurt and Rüsselsheim. 2 x C300 kits, 2 x 5D kits, and yes these golden oldie kits are still in demand, lights, grip and logistics.

Camera crew in Munich


We provided a full local, Munich based support crew with equipment, locations and logistics for our Australian client who was shooting a promo in connection with Microsoft Sports in and around Munich.


Camera Crew in Frankfurt

Photo 19-01-2017, 13 18 40

It’s been freezing cold here but we’ve got brilliant sunshine and blue skies… So we grabbed the opportunity to shoot local GVs in and around Frankfurt on the good old Sony FS7.

2017 here we come!

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 13.58.19
After a very busy and wonderful 2016 this year has got off to a good start with a variety of shoots in both Germany and the UK. Bizarre Sports madness shooting Haxey Hood in the UK and Christmas Tree Throwing in Germany. Corporate shoots and videographers in Hanover, Munich, Frankfurt and Mönchengladbach for various clients like Fox Sports, WebMD, Snippies, Microsoft etc.

Technical crew in Paris

Requests from China are rare but not unknown to us. This time we negotiated with a company in Shanghai who requested technical support from us for a video conference in Paris. Our local partners there were able to get the system up and running without a hitch and everyone was pleased with the result. It can be challenging and often very amusing negotiating between cultures which are so diverse… Almost like those 3 men in a boat jokes… A German, a Frenchman and a Chineseman… 🙂

(photo by North sea deamer)

Camera crew for Adidas shoot

We have an ongoing relationship with a UK production house that provides young and innovative programming for Adidas and last week our crew braved freezing temperatures while shooting staged scenes outside the Adidas headquarters in Bavaria. Our make up artist had a challenging time too trying to powder away the the thinly clad talent’s blue noses. 🙂 On top of that at very short notice (and most of the shoots are short notice) our art department and grips had to acquire 5 life size frameless mirrors and install them (invisibly) across the local terrain outside Adidas HQ. A bizarre scenario trying to capture the talent and their reflections. We also provided the full kit for both video and stills.

Camera crew in Switzerland

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.25.21

Every year in December we get our local videographer to shoot the whacky Swiss Santa Claus Championships in Samnaun and its always a real hoot!

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.30.40

Canon C300 Green screen camera crews in Munich


Even though the Sony FS7 has become the standard camera for most of our corporate shoots there is still room for the good old Canon C300. We had a couple of C300 local videographers out this week in Munich shooting for Fujitsu and Dell.

Cinema Trailer for the English Theatre Frankfurt


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 Here is our latest masterpiece – a cinema trailer of the hilarious Monty Python musical Spamalot. It was great fun shooting this and well worth seeing!

Teleprompter in Frankfurt


If you are an overseas camera crew travelling to Germany the last thing you want to bring is a bulky, clumsy teleprompter. That’s where we come in! We provide English speaking teleprompter operators with state of the art equipment in all major cities throughout Germany. This week we were teleprompting for Hewlett Packard Spain at the 3D printing trade fair “formnext” in Frankfurt.

Camera crews in sunny Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s ablaze with brilliant sunshine and blue skies and we’ve got a double whammy with 2 crews at the trade fair. Teleprompter and operator for Hewlett Packard and a videographer with kit for Bloomberg.

Sound recordist in Mainz

We regularly receive requests for a sound recordist with kit to support overseas camera crews who are shooting in Germany. Invariably the director will travel with his own DOP and pick up local crew. This not only saves costs for them but gives them someone with local knowledge, who can drive and translate.

Camera crew and Gopro Time-lapse in Munich


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One of our US based clients has requested a classic Time-lapse clip to cover the construction of his installation at the annual Electronica trade fair in Munich. Our videographer installed 2 GoPros with varying frame rates to follow 10 days of rigging, the 3 day show itself and then the de-rig. Here’s our preliminary test from day one.

Camera crew shooting Adidas in Berlin

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 13.11.36
One of our regular clients shoots all things Adidas in various locations throughout Germany. This time at very short notice we provided a large local Berlin crew and equipment for their Gameday Plus shoot.
(photo source:

C300 camera crew and director in Augsburg

CNBC London requested our Munich based camera crew and director travel to the Velodrome in Augsburg to film a short item about 3 D printing. The story centred around Denise Schindler, the world’s first Paralympic cyclist to use 3D printed prothesis.
(photo: Nicola, Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-sa 4.0)