Crew members and services we offer:

1. Director

A classic studio setup

This is the person who has a complete overview of the whole creative content of any film and is responsible for its artistic implementation. This means in the pre production stage choice of script, format, shooting style, mis en scène, locations, talent etc. During the post production stage he is responsible for the final edit.

2. Assistant director

This person is responsible for making sure the directors wishes are implemented and is mainly concerned with on set logistics, like who should be where and when and which scenes are being shot where and when.

3. Line producer

This person is responsible for logistics and coordination. He/she makes sure all necessary permits and formalities are in place, movement of talent, catering, contact with authorities, timing.

4. Director of Photography, DOP

This person is responsible for the visual style and works very closely with the director to achieve the right look. He needs to interpret the director’s wishes and provide the right framework and style to reflect the mood that has to be created. He has a complete grasp of the technical requirements and needs of the camera department and is the main person along with the director on every film set. He also instructs the gaffers and electricians as to the placement and choice of lights. He works closely with the camera operator ( some DOPs prefer to operate the camera themselves) to determine framing and camera movement.

5. Camera operator

This person works closely with the DOP and is the person who physically operates the camera. He must ensure that all camera movements are smooth and that the framing and focus are in line with the general requirements.

6. Assistant cameraman/focus puller

This person is responsible for all things camera and needs to ensure all lenses are calibrated, is responsible for camera tests prior to the shoot. He makes sure that the camera functions properly, he changes lenses according to the camera operator’s wishes and needs to ensure that camera operation runs smoothly.

7. Focus puller

He works closely with the camera operator to make sure that the camera image is always in focus. He does this either manually by adjusting the lens by hand or remotely using a wireless focus pulling device.

8. Sound recordist

He is in charge of the sound recording and works closely with the camera operator and DOP in respect of placement of microphones to attain the best possible sound recording. His tasks are also to identify and eliminate any interference from any ambient sounds or wind noises. His tools are a wide variety of microphones and sound mixers/recorders. He is often assisted by a boomer who operates the boom pole.

Our documentary crew going the extra mile!
Our documentary crew going the extra mile!

9. Gaffer

Responsible for all things lighting, working closely with the DOP to create the atmosphere needed for each individual scene. He will have a wide variety of lights and fixtures at his disposal and have a very practical but creative approach to their installation.

10. Electrician

Answering directly to the gaffer he will be setting up the lights according to the gaffers instructions and manage all things electrical connected with that.

11. Grip

Working together with the gaffer and DOP he will be a general aid at getting things moved around on set or making changes to any fixtures. He will also be in charge of any camera tracking shots and will lay tracks and operate the dolly.

12. Runner/Fixer

On hand to run errands, pick up lunch or snacks, helping the grip or production team in general. He is often the driver.

13. Make up artist

One of the major problems we encounter filming people is shiny faces, caused by heat from studio or location lighting
units. This is where the make up artist enters and powders faces so the face still looks natural and the shine is eliminated. In addition the make up artist attends to hair and wardrobe making sure the talent is well presented.