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C300 camera crew and director in Augsburg

CNBC London requested our Munich based camera crew and director travel to the Velodrome in Augsburg to film a short item about 3 D printing. The story centred around Denise Schindler, the world’s first Paralympic cyclist to use 3D printed prothesis.
(photo: Nicola, Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-sa 4.0)

Photographer in Ludwigshafen

We regularly supply photographers to our corporate clients throughout Germany and most recently our request took us to Ludwigshafen near Frankfurt!

Support crew in Delft, Holland


We sent our Amsterdam based support crew to Delft to assist our clients own UK based camera crew for a shoot at DHL. Our clients not only saved on transportation and hotel costs but got local knowledge and a free translation service from our guys there.

Cricket for Refugees



We sent one of our Cologne based crews to shoot an interesting event in Essen for Sunset and Vine Asia, who are producing a series called Cricket For Social Change.The influx of asylum seekers into Germany, especially from cricket-mad Pakistan and Afghanistan, has created an unexpected boom for the sport in a country where football has long been king.
Of the 476,649 people who applied for asylum in Germany last year, 31,902 came from Afghanistan alone, with a further 8,472 from Pakistan, which has seen the German Cricket Federation (DCB) bombarded with a simple question: “Where can I play?”

We shot Prores on the ever so popular sony FS7.

DIT nightmare shooting 4K Prores HQ

IMG_1609Photo 29-09-2016, 12 27 21 (1)

We’re at the Ultra Broadband Forum 2016 in Frankfurt shooting continuously 4K prores HQ with three FS7 cameras – it’s a DIT’s nightmare! The cameramen aren’t too happy with the tricky Shogun recorders but that’s showbiz, I guess. The client, Huawei, has pulled out all the stops with an incredibly huge 8K projection area!

New restrictions for batteries on flights

Photo 15-09-2016, 13 10 11 (2) 2 Photo-15-09-2016-13-10-36-21

Watch out Camera Crews all over taking flights! Airport security now only allows two lithium-ion camera batteries with a maximum wattage of 160W per battery as hand luggage. No batteries at all allowed in check-in luggage.

Since April 2016, lithium-ion batteries banned as cargo on passenger planes. Spare (uninstalled) lithium ion and lithium metal batteries must be carried in carry-on baggage only. According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) there is a limit of two spare batteries per person for the larger lithium ion batteries described above (101-160 watt hours per battery).
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has warned airlines that fires from lithium batteries have the potential to take down airliners because they are so difficult for on-board fire extinguishers to put out.

This presents a big problem for all crews travelling around, however, CCG is on call night and day with a huge supply of batteries for your next shoot 🙂

Sources: CNN and FAA

Camera Crew in Stockholm

One of our regular clients from the USA requested we shoot “creative” footage of a football testing machine in Stockholm – strange but true! 🙂
We sent one of our Stockholm crews there to shoot this on the ever so popular Sony FS7. A lot of moody lighting here as you can see.

English Theatre Frankfurt and Dorian Gray


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As part of Surridge Films’ ongoing sponsorship of The English Theatre Frankfurt we produced this trailer for their current show.

A man, his Osmo and Dorian Gray

Our cameraman, Rüdiger, putting our latest toy to the test – the DJI Osmo. All part of our sponsoring of the English Theatre Frankfurt; here producing a trailer for Oscar Wide’s “Picture of Dorian Gray”.

Sony F5 shoot with blue screen in Frankfurt

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 14.41.14
We were on the road again in Frankfurt shooting the Borussia Dortmund football star Sebastian Rode. We shot Blue Screen with him for Topps Match Attax Cards.

Support camera crews in Germany

 _1030317 _1030344
We regularly supply support crews for visiting production companies who often just bring their own director and DP. We provide DPs, assistant cameramen, focus pullers, make up artists, soundies, gaffers, runners, grips and the list goes on and on. All excellent guys and gals, English speaking and with local knowledge! Furthermore we provide state of the art camera and lighting kits. Give us a try!

BBC shoot in Innsbruck, Austria

We sent our Innsbruck based cameraman and sound recordist to a tunnel in Pfunds to shoot for the BBC show Absolute Genius. We were second unit to the core BBC crew from the UK who were filming all things “Epic Bridges, Deep Underground”.

(photo credit: Andreas Praefcke)

Soundie for sale

We often get requests for support crew members from overseas producers visiting Europe. More often than not they require a local sound recordist with kit to supplement their core crew. Not only do they save on travel and accommodation costs but they get local knowledge and a free translation service too.

Webcast in Bratislava

clap guido
We had the pleasure of facilitating AT&T’s first live international Webcast from their facility in the beautiful city of Bratislava. We had a mixed crew from our production partners based both Vienna and Cologne, Germany.
A lot of logistics and even more cabling but at the end of the day we had a very satisfied customer!

Camera crew in Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam crew messing about in the river! Last weekend they shot the annual Prutmarathon (mud race) in northern Holland.

Sound recordist for Fox News Brexit coverage


We got caught up in the #BREXIT media frenzy last week and had one of our Berlin based sound recordists travelling round the country with Fox News who spent 8 days broadcasting live all things David Cameron and Boris Johnson from the German perspective.

(photo: Mr. Bean by Nathan Wong)

A day out for our Munich boys


Our Munich based camera crew had a sunny day out in the beautiful Garmisch-Partenkirchen countryside. Great weather and a great location!

Photographer in Leipzig and Prague

_MG_2297-1_jpeg Unknown-2

We recently got the unusual request to send a photographer to Prague to cover the transportation of a rhinoceros by a major international courier company.

We got one of our Leipzig based guys onto the job and ended up with some rather whacky images.
Strange but true!!

Famous Munich beer gardens


After a hard day shooting in Munich do yourself a favour and head down to the English Garden and join the locals for a nice cool beer! 🙂

No job is too big or too small!


Our multilingual crews have the added value of local knowledge. When a producer from the UK or USA comes to Germany to shoot b-roll or GVs he is more than happy when our boys show the best spots to shoot. It saves time and eases the strain when schedules are tight. We also know where to grab a decent beer when the shoot wraps 🙂

Yes, Yes, Yes!


The Rheingau Music Festival got off to a rousing start on the 19th June with “Mnozil Brass” playing to a full house at the elegant and stylish Kurhaus in Wiesbaden.

The Viennese brass septet’s new programme is called “yes, yes, yes” and from the word go they swept the audience off their feet with a mix of slapstick, wild humor and excellent choreography. This very skillful and entertaining brass ensemble charmed the audience with an eclectic repertoire consisting of pop, opera, film and jazz melodies.

Amongst the highlights were Thomas Gansch’s tongue in cheek running commentary in Spanish, the musicians endearing songs reminiscent of the Comedian Harmonists and not to forget the hilarious Stanley Kubrik 2001 parody as the musicians imitated the prancing apes proclaiming the dawn of mankind.

The grande finale was delivered by the trombonist Leonhard Paul with a mind boggling circus like act as he played 4 separate instruments at the same time using not only his hands but his bare feet. This pièce de résistance brought the house down and rounded off a highly amusing evening of farcical Viennese humour.

(photo source: MNOZILBRASS.AT)

Size does matter?


Hamburg is a great city with plenty of action and it’s popular with our clients from the UK and USA, too. Our highly talented, hand picked, bilingual crews will help you in all your production needs, so whether you need to shoot a corporate film or TV footage, we are here to guide you through! You save on accommodation and transportation costs because our crews are local and in addition you get a free translation service thrown in!
(photo credit: Gordon Timpen, SMPSP)

Shooting in Stuttgart


Our Frankfurt based crews regularly travel to Stuttgart for corporate and TV projects, sometimes as a full blown crew with all the bells and whistles, other times just a sound recordist, runner, make up artist or gaffer with lights to assist a camera crew from out of town needing some support.

Camera Crews for DHL


We have an ongoing involvement with all things DHL corporate shooting and it certainly keeps us on our toes! Our UK based clients regularly request our Cologne based camera crews to shoot with them at the DHL HQ in Bonn and the camera of choice these days comes as no surprise… It’s the Sony FS7.

The Beautiful Game

The European Cup has kicked off and riding on the back of that we’ve got 2 FS7 crews shooting at the Adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach.

Big time

KlöfkornThe one and only Michel Klöfkorn on the road again:))

Spring awakening

IMG_2264 copy 4

We’re getting ready for a whacky summer full of tasty shoots! :))

Shooting a WW2 documentary in Berlin

Adolf Hitler und Eva Braun auf dem Berghof

We’ve got a couple of camera crews out today in Berlin for a UK broadcaster shooting yet another WW2 story and this time its about Hitler’s love mate, Eva Braun.
We’re using two Sony FS7 kits for interviews and b-roll.

Photo: Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F051673-0059 / CC-BY-SA

Master of Light


We had the honour and pleasure of recently working with the incredible Canadian cinematographer Ian Kerr! He shot on three Red Dragons and we supplied him with a large support crew incl. videographer, sound, etc. Simply magic!

Teleprompter in Frankfurt


We had another request form one of loyal UK clients, Merchant Cantos. This time they needed a teleprompter and operator in Kassel, north of Frankfurt. No problem, we sent one of our teleprompting crews from Frankfurt to do the job!

Corporate shoot in Frankfurt

The US auditing and consultancy giant PWC requested we shoot testimonials for them in Frankfurt, Germany. This is a fairly common request we get, whereby questions are sent to us from the client, which our multilingual producer then uses for the interview, filmed by one of our crews to whatever format the client requires. This time we shot on the ever so popular Sony FS7.
photo:  Tower 185 by Thomas Wolf

Camera Crew in Munich

Operation Enduring Freedom
London based “Blue Altitude” commissioned us to shoot a couple of days of doctors interviews at a conference in Munich. These kind of jobs for the pharmaceutical industry are not unusual, they’ve got plenty of money and advertising is all important! We shot with the good old F5 and the upstart younger brother the FS7.

Camera crew in Amsterdam


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Discovery Canada commissioned us again for a shoot in Amsterdam for Daily Planet and this time our videographer used the wonderful Arri Mini. A lovely piece of kit but still too expensive for a lot of us.

Camera crew in Frankfurt

IMG_9728 IMG_9734
LA based Eye Magic requested our services for another WebMD shoot which targets all things doctors and pharmaceuticals. We set up a green screen Studio and a round table discussion studio at a hotel downtown Frankfurt.
We shot XDCam and provided a DOP, videographer, Sound, Gaffer, Electrician, Make up artist and Teleprompter operator plus a whole bunch of lights, grip, camera equipment and portable green screen.

Camera Crew in Luxemburg

_1020510 _1020500
Back on the road again and this time our Frankfurt Camera Crew went to Luxemburg to shoot a corporate film for Texas based Left Brain Creative. We shot on the Sony FS7 and the crew consisted of producer, DOP, videographer, camera assistant, sound recordist and make up artist.
As so often on these fast and furious corporate shoots we used our user friendly Hollywood Dolly from Microdolly to get nice moves with the minimum of effort.

Camera crew at the 2016 Berlinale


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Our friends from RAI in Italy requested an HD Camera Crew with videographer and sound recordist to shoot a report with their journalist at this year’s Berlinale. Our local crew there rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty, shot the report, edited immediately afterwards and uploaded to Italy for a speedy turnaround.

Camera crews in Munich


The Motor Industry is one of our major corporate clients alongside Pharmaceuticals and Finance.
We provided local crewing (camera assistant, gaffer and sound recordist), and kit for London-based Imagination on a recent corporate shoot they were doing in Munich for Jaguar Land Rover.
They received not only local support and a free translation service but also where to grab the best beer!

Camera crews in Wetzlar near Frankfurt


We were pleased when UK-based Dingo Bill Productions requested a support crew and kit for a 2 day shoot at Germany’s one and only Leica factory in Wetzlar near Frankfurt.
Our local gaffer, sound recordist and make up artist all enjoyed seeing the Rolls Royce of all cameras being designed and made at Leica’s very modern state of the art headquarters just an hour’s drive from their base in Frankfurt.

Amira camera crew in Frankfurt

Photo 27-01-2016

2 days of corporate interviews shooting with our videographers and 2 Amiras and we supplied the English speaking support crew consisting of a local sound recordist and camera assistant.

Gaffer and lighting for Opel in Rüsselsheim


We’re no strangers at the German mega automobile giant Opel in Rüsselsheim near Frankfurt. This time London-based Signal TV requested an English speaking Gaffer and lighting to assist their UK based crew who flew out to shoot some corporate interviews and b-roll there. Signal TV not only saved on travel and transport costs but got a free translation service from our local support crew!

Fixer in Cologne

ITV_logo_2013 ITV_logo_2013.svg

UK based ITV contacted us at short notice for a bilingual fixer to set up interviews and obtain shoot permissions for their coverage of the latest scary events on News Year Eve there.

Let’s shout about it!


2015 was definitely a year to shout about with more than enough shoots not only in Germany but neighbouring countries too! We had a record number of new clients from all over the world which we are very grateful for, but it’s our valued long standing clients that really keep us going with their continued loyalty and trust in our services.
Our capital though relies heavily on our talented and devoted crews who are amongst the best you can find. My hearty thanks to all of you and roll on 2016!!!

Sony FS7 camera crews in Munich


We’re out and about again downtown Munich. This time it’s the full Monty… 2 FS7 crews, 2 cranky pix240s, loads of lights and grip, green screens, DIT, etc… It makes you wonder sometimes to what lengths some clients go to capture corporate testimonials…mind-boggling really but great for us! :))

Gaffer, electricians and runners in Frankfurt

We often have requests for support crews and equipment from overseas clients who bring their own creative talent. this time we supplied  a key gaffer, sparks, runners and extensive lighting kit for a multi camera shoot at the german Automobile giant Opel in Russelsheim near Frankfurt

photo: Opel brothers

Camera crew in Stuttgart

Discovery Channel Canada requested we film a new driverless truck at the Mercedes Test Track in Stuttgart recently. Our Augsburg based camera crew covered this story for us, shot XDCam HD and uploaded the footage to Canada after the shoot for a speedy turnaround.

Camera crew fights it out in Düsseldorf


New York based HBO made a last minute request for us to shoot a behind the scenes item about the Klitschko vs. Fury fight this week. Our Düsseldorf based crew spent several days covering all angles from the press conference, weigh in and the eventual fight. On top of that we shot plenty of Düsseldorf by night GVs to let the folks in USA what it looks like here!

Camera crews in Berlin

We’ve just wrapped a biggish shoot in Berlin for one our old UK clients, shooting more or less day and night. We provided 4 support crews consisting of Camera Assistants, Sound recordists, Runners and kit and kit for this mega 4 day long slog.
The Big Cheese himself, Keith, turned up to provide additional help with one of Berlin’s all time favourites… The one and only “Currywurst” :)))

Camera crew in Frankfurt at the English Theatre

Photo 20-11-2015, 10 51 57
A couple of years ago we forged a relationship with the largest English-speaking theatre company in mainland Europe, The English Theatre Frankfurt. As official media sponsors it lies in our domain to produce trailers for their upcoming shows. Here we are shooting a trailer to their latest musical “The Life”, a US-based story dealing with all things sex, sin and prostitution around Times Square in the 80’s.

FS7 camera crews in Freiburg, Germany

One of our regular UK clients requested two FS7 camera crews and a producer to shoot at the University Hospital in the beautiful South Germany city of Freiburg. We sent a couple of our Frankfurt-based crews down there!